Poem: Lost and Found

Oswego 2

Lost and Found

Be with me in the noise.
When I have lost myself in the crowds,
“Where’s Waldo” without the stripes,
you are there. You know me

in the moments where finally there is silence,
but the noise echoes in my head,
you are there, patiently waiting
for the raucous clutter to subside.

There is truth in the noise, you know this.
A thousand different truths competing
for attention like a room of two-year-olds on crack.
A thousand different truths, and somewhere in it all

is you.

But this is what you know.
Stay still enough, long enough, and the noise subsides.
It is as if it has no idea what to do with the silence,
and it becomes lost, as you become found.

About this poem. 

Inspired by Psalm 139. The first verse reads ” You have searched me Lord, and you know me.”

Inspired by the last two weeks. I have been way too busy. Conventions travel, then Vacation Bible School each night this past week. This morning for the first time in weeks I could sit and think and feel without a schedule or other people’s needs clamoring. It takes a while after that much activity, for me to find myself. I get lost in the noise. So in a way, the poems is a big “Ahhhhhhhhhh.”



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