Poem: There is Work

WIlson Castle

There is Work 

There is work to do,
none of easy. None of it simple.
Bricks to point.
Glass to replace.
Rot is a constant.

There is work to do.
And once a thing is done, another is undone.
Paint to strip.
Walls to paint.
The floors too, need work. or will soon.

There is work to do.
This is your choice, to live in this old building
rather than leave and begin again,
for staying is your nature,
at times perhaps too long,
but you have no regrets.

Your horizons are not far flung.
They live in this place you have chosen.
full of flaws and failures and strange history
where nothing is new and nothing is perfect
and all is wonderful and worthy.
And so each day, you gird yourself with tools.

There is work to be done.

About this poem

About houses. About relationships. About faith. I seem to be genetically incapable of writing poems about just one thing.


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