Poem: A Change in the Light

quarry 1

A Change in the Light

Dawn breaks over the quarry.
Fishback clouds signal storms.
A single tree silhouettes against the light.

You have written all you know,
a simple litany of faith and failure,
a life. Yours. Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Yours is a simple life,
whittled down from a thing too complex,
too busy, too full of wasted emotions.

Little is left. Faith. Love.
An odd word here and there.
A God of Grace, so unlikely few believe.

How odd, here at the end, to finally find peace,
to finally find love and forgiveness
by simply surrendering to them.

You worry that you bore the world around you.
You have become too simple.
to like the tree in the quarry,

ever the same,
except for the light around it, always changing
and somehow, always new.

About this poem

I have been blogging poems for a little more than a decade. Long term readers, if I have any, have probably recognized that I have a few repeating themes. Thoughts and questions have shaped my life shape my poetry, and the list is small.

I worry sometimes that I might be boring.

And yet I still write, hoping that each day, a trick of the light will give each day’s poems meaning to someone even as they act as my therapy.

Be well. Have a blessed weekend.





  1. Tom,

    Your wisdom continues to offer me hope, and lets me know I am not alone, in
    the fight to keep peace within me.
    You have helped me, more than you can know.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, always.


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