Poem: The Devil’s Nightmare


The Devil’s Nightmare

You wake.
It is not an easy thing.
The darkness calls to you,
a powerful, seductive thing,
full of lies
easy to believe due to a mix up of chemicals
and false history.

But you wake anyway.
You have been down that rabbit hole.
There is nothing there.
No demons.
No battles.

You wake anyway.
You were not made for nothing.
You were made for color and passion
and if it does not come to you as it comes to others,
you will create them.

You wake.
It will be a good day.
You were not made for death,
You were not made for darkness,
no matter the quirks of chemistry that strive
to call you into the night
Just as the dawn rises.

There is love to be had.
Joy to claim
and you are a greedy man,
wanting your share and more,
greedy and persistent,
slow to surrender,
never claiming victory,
but never releasing it either,
a junkyard dog,
the devil’s nightmare.

Aware of each fault,
able to name them one by one,
but learning you are worthy of love
as much as others,
learning you are not alone
and the bully that calls you to the pillows
is a weak and pitiful thing, all because,
you wake.

About this poem. 

A rough morning getting going this morning. The depression was strong.

I was stronger.


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