Poem: No Matter the Where

newport coastline 3.JPG

No Matter the Where

The ocean.
Mountain tops.
A coffeehouse in a strange town.
Foreign capitals.

It does not matter where.
Simply give me a place to sit.
Far away from the here and now,
a place where no one can find you,

where you are not needed
by anyone
except yourself.
The flotsam is torn away. 

The scales on your eyes fall away.
The scars soften.
And your soul remembers
who you are. 

About this poem

Some people get lonely. I don’t. Give me a couple of days away, truly away, and I become someone I like a lot.


The picture was taken near Newport. RI.



  1. Feeling lonely is a disease in Brazilian society, I have some friends (women) that married to bad men just to “have someone”. And they were unhappy for many years. Some friends admire me, I embroider, I read, I write some reviews to me, I do housework, I cook for myself (“Oh my God, do you cook just for you? – it is what I heard lol and 2 friends once told me that they couldn´t live alone as me. I never feel lonely, I like my company. I fill my time. I lke myself. If you don´t like being yourself, who will?

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