Poem: A Thin Layer of Snow


A Thin Layer of Snow

Snow falls again.
Lightly. Quietly. Not enough
to threaten day to day life.

You are awake.
The work of the day, survival, has begun.

Today somehow, with a new coat of snow, it is easier.
Less a battle, just a day in need of a nudge
Gratitude becomes easier, less a discipline
than a spontaneous thing,
a thin coat of beauty, like snow
on scars and scorched earth.

About this poem

It really is snowing this morning. From the window of my backup diner, I have watched the grass slowly turn white.

Today was an easier day. I’ve had a week with the woman I love, both of us (mostly) off and just being together. Waking up together, without alarms and deadlines is a wonderful, life-enhancing joy. My depression, if not at bay, has been an easy thing to manage. More like swatting a fly than waging a war.

Gratitude is life-changing. Life-enhancing.  Makes you wonder why more people don’t apply it.

The picture was taken in my driveway.

From all that, this little poem.



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