Poem: The Way of the World in Seven Lines

diner window

The Way of the World in Seven Lines

The snow falls,
covering even the most industrial world around you,
even the ugly, and making it beautiful.

Tomorrow it will grow warm.
The snow will melt.
And the grisly will return.

Until the next snow.

About this poem

The picture was taken from the window of my backup diner, the place I go on mornings my favorite diner is closed. To get here, I drove through a section of the nearby town of Granville, NY that is industrial. And it was lovely as the rest of the landscape, covered with snow, soft and white. That is where the idea for this poem came from.

But it also made me think about the back and forth of our emotions, of our loves, of our faiths, and the poem became about something more than the day’s snow.


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