Poem: The Garden at the End of the World

sculpture BW

The Garden at the End of the World

You stop at the garden at the end of the world.
Buddha is there. And a greek goddess, nameless
and half-dressed. There are dragons and Saint Francis
and Ying and Yang in copper and silver.

It is a peaceful place. Ivy grows up the trees.
Iris grows out of the mulch, not yet in bloom,
green spears of hope. A bit chaotic, hardly
groomed religion.

Peaceful and instructive on this city street,
A reminder that it is not the strictures and structures
that lead us to God, but an open spirit,
where Buddha and Betty Boop coexist

Ang God looks down, smiling at his children.

About this poem

The picture was taken in Provincetown, Ma, at the end of Cape Cod (“garden at the end of the world.”) Whatever your diety, it’s probably there, in this garden of chaos and love.

I am Christian and Methodist as they come, but I recognized a long time ago that people come to God in their own way and their own time. And once they come to him, truly come to him, it is easy to live in peace with others. My experience also says that when anyone, of virtually any faith, becomes filled with spirit, they too live in peace.

There’s a big lesson there about the true nature of God.


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