Poem: Snicker-Snack and the Headless Warrior


Snicker-Snack and the Headless Warrior

Ice for two days
and there is nowhere to go, all of us
in our skating house walls,
waiting for the thaw.
Ice clicks on the windows.
The heaters run full time.
All the miles and plans you had put aside.

No complaints.
Not here.
Each day is such a struggle that a day off,
with no need for functionality,
is a gift.

You sleep.
You surrender.
You allow the blackness to wash over you,
never having to engage your mind.
let the demons think they have won
as they fly around your headless body.

They never learn, never understand
how much strength comes from real rest, and so

imagine their surprise in the morning,
when you wake, swords flashing snicker-snack
leaving them in shreds before your feet meet the floor,
laughing at the power of surrender
to create victory.

About this poem

Once in a great while, I surrender to my depression. I sleep away the day. I simply give in to what my lying brain wants to do to me. Yesterday was one of those days. It had been ice storming all day. My travel and work plans were blown up and I had no work or responsibilities. So I slept my day away.

You can’t imagine how restful that is, when you live your life pressing through your depression, always pushing against this invisible wall that holds you back. It is hard work, depression when you choose to fight it instead of simply suffer it.

But a day of surrender? It works miracles. I woke today rested and ready, and more importantly, able, to fight the demons. They didn’t have a chance today.

Compliments to Lewis Carol, who used the phrase Snicker-Snack in his marvelous poem, Jabberwocky, It was when the hero’s sword went snicker-snack that the beast’s head fell.


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