Poem: The Seekers Reward

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The Seekers Reward

Far in the forest, you see it,
a fallen boulder, painted with a Latin sun,
yellows and blues and a sense of motion
and waves deep in the Vermont woods.

It is dark and quiet here, remote
and you wonder at the artist.
What drew him here and why choose this dark holler
to wield his sunshine, where no one

save the odd wanderer who eschews paths
will find it.

Perhaps that is the point.
A bright light deep in the dark places
where only the seekers of the world
will find it.

About this poem. 

People who seek, earnestly seek – sometimes we find what we seek. And sometimes we do not. But the things we find along the way!

The picture was taken in Virginia. I just changed the venue because I have been in Vermont for the last decade and some.



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