Poem: Stairway to Light


Stairway to Light

It has been a long dark path.
The tree’s canopy blocking the sun,
creating coolness even on a summer’s day,
a path too long, almost sinister in its lack of light.

You have walked each mile of it,
becoming accustomed to the muted colors,
to the limited palette you have been allowed
while others walked in the light.

But things change. We change. Paths change.
Darkness never lasts forever,
and here you come to the end of this journey,
a few short steps and you are out,

blinking, unbelieving, the sun’s heat warming your skin,
a cat waking slowly, hardly believing
this new world you live in, and finding
it hard to adjust.

You will of course. You are nothing
if not adaptable. It is your strength
and your weakness. But for now, which it is
does not matter.

All that matters is you and the sun,
and those last few steps out of the dark,
that lead you here, no longer on a narrow byway
but a field, broad, open to the sky, and bright.

About this poem

Last night, my daughter, who is visiting and working from our house during the coronavirus times, commented to the woman I love about how happy I am now. And it’s true. Weirdness and all, I am happy with my life and my love.

It’s been a long journey.

Oh, and the poem can also be about walking in a path out of the woods.



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