Thoughts: Cats in a Box


I am sitting in my studio. Writing now. I will do some painting later. The light is good today. Birds are singing outside.

I am fortunate. I have a place to go for a change of scenery in this time of coronavirus. I can go outside of my house and walk in the quarry when the weather is nice. I can trek the country roads or the old train track turned walking trail that runs between three nearby towns.  I have a wife I really, really enjoy being quarantined with. I have cats to amuse me.

I still feel boxed in, however. I have to admit it. I thrive in changes of scenery, changes in people and exposure to different energies.  I thrive in the intimate anonymity of my favorite diner in the morning, with the comings and goings of the villagers here while I write. I love my face to face meetings with clients and the energy of exploring ways to move forward. I love worship in my little church in nearby Rupert, Vermont. I like traveling to places where they don’t want me now. Me or anyone.

I need to learn from my cats, who are never happier than when they have a box to climb in. There they feel safe, happy and in command of their world. My cats are lovely and not too smart. But on this perhaps, they are smarter than me.

Be well. Travel wisely,


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