Unattributed #2

About this time last year I posted a group of pictures that I had no idea where they came from. They were images that touched something in me that because when I go back to them, I feel something. You folks who read this blog have said it was one of your favorites, so I am doing it again with the new ones I have collected in the last year.

I am not a great collector of other people’s pictures. I probably have just over a hundred pictures total, and twenty or so of those are of my wife and kids. So if I keep a picture on my phone, it has meaning.

I do wish I knew who to credit, but I thank them often.

I like the one above because the painting looks like one of mine.

Added note, 51/2020 – I got a note from fellow poet Skip Manning this morning with the origin of this image. It comes from a site called https://notorious.agency/susanita/ and is the work of Susanita aka Valentina Fontanilla

Hope you enjoyed these.


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