Poem: The Next Flight of Stairs


The Next Flight of Stairs

What goes up, must come down.
Every mountain has a summit.
Or so they say.

My experience is different.
One step leads to another.
There is no going down,
There is only effort, only work.

There is falling to be sure,
but the stairs lead ever upward,
and never get easier.
I only get stronger,
wounds and all.
And heaven grows closer
even if I cannot see it
for the next flight of stairs.

About this poem

People ask me about my depression from time to time. “Does it get better. You seem to be doing so well.”

No, it does not get better. But some days I am stronger than others.

BTW, I was going to name this one Stairway to Heaven, but I didn’t want to insult Led Zepplin.


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