Poem: Preparing the Escape

Preparing the Escape

How strange it is
to live on this side of the windows,
to be outside, in the light
that you pondered longingly for so many years
from the dark side of walls.

And now, even if the light is not complete,
and likely never will be,
you are at least, in a place where sun shines
and there are horizons. and you find yourself
looking anew at the windows you pass,
wondering who is there,

and how you might help them escape.

About this poem

Strangely, and I have no explanation for it, even with all the things not good about the quarantine, my depression has been much better than normal most days. It makes no sense, but man is it nice. I wish I could do more to help others escape as well.

The picture was taken from the outside of Mass MoCA in North Adams, Mass.


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