Poem: The Secret of Fires


The Secret of Fires

The secret of a good fire is time,
not air or fuel or flame.
Let is smolder, starve it for a time,
wave away the smoke and pretend
there is no danger in it. Pretend
it will die out in time,
Neglect it. Starve it. Pretend
it has no value, that there is no danger
in neglect. Leave it in the sun.
Let it dry out, smoldering all the while.
with the smoke.

That is the recipe for a good fire.
Leave it alone and pretend
and sooner or later the fire will take.
Always, the fire will take,
and consume, and kill.


About this poem

Yes, it is about the riots across our country. But also about personal relationships. Neglect. Pretending all is well when it is not. Ignoring. Refusing to listen. Refusing to care. Always, always, a recipe for fire.


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