Poem: Tryouts for Real Life

Tryouts for Real Life

The problem is, I think they matter,
all those people I do not know.
People of color, the poor, the broken.
All of them.

I have known too many to think of them as “Them”.
I have heard too many of the stories,
seen the results, lived some of them at different times
and I am changed by it,
I cannot live in a world where one matters
and another does not, simply because someone decides so.

Try it sometime. Live on nothing.
Have your spirit broken into pieces so small
you cannot even see them any more,
and you are not even, or just barely functional.
Become a creature of suspicion and worthlessness
because of things you have no control over,
because you were set up to fail,
because they broke you and then expected you to dance.
Try it, if you dare. Your vision will be forever changed
and a part of you will share my anger
and you will not be able to believe any longer
that there is any “Them”.

There is only “Us.”.

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