Poem: A Covid Prayer

A Covid Prayer

Heavenly father, this we know:
You are a God who loves his children,
and a God who listens to prayer.

And here we are, in this time of near winter,
worn by seasons, worn by pandemics
of disease, distress, anger and fear.
We are a people made for relationship
too often separated and distanced.
We are a people of love,
too often missing the mark,
too often exposed to anger.
We are a people who plan,
in a time where there are no plans, only constant change,
season after season of uncertainty.

We have felt loss. And there is more ahead.
We cannot see the end of it.
And we are tired.
We are worn beyond our own capacity.

And so we call on you. Not for the first time.
Not for the last.
We call on you, in need of the strength only you can give us.
In need of patience,
hungry for confidence and hope
that only you can bring. Only you.

For you are God. And we are not.

This we know:
You are in this time Lord. Let us see you.
You are in this time Lord. Help us trust you.
You are in this time, give us strength
to be your people, in the midst of it all.
Open us. Help us be your light,
even now, Lord.

About This Poem

The Methodists here in New England send out a Covid prayer each day by email, and they ask various people in the church, pastors and lay people to do them. Today they shared one I wrote as well as a piece of my artwork, based on Isaiah 40:1-14.

I decided to share it here as well. The artwork they used is also the art for this poem.

Be well,


PS: If you are interested in getting the COVID prayers, you can subscribe here.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful prayer, also the opportunity to get others, as well! Keeping you in prayers. – Ellyn Couvillion, Baton Rouge

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