Poem: The Devil is Doomed

The Devil is Doomed

Forget the myths,
Dante’s inferno with fire and glowing brimstone.
It’s all a lie.

The devil lives
in the darkness.

In the dark nights when the ugly monsters
of self incrimination and mortality
claw away at the light, prevent the morning

when you need it the most.

But not today.
Today you will summon the light,
wield it like the weapon it is
until your soul is tired,
and then wield it again,

for as long as there is one spark,
just one,
the devil is doomed.

About this poem.

A poem about depression, theology, modern times and the power of positive resistance. Amazing what you can pack into a few lines.



  1. Yes, amazing. I realize I’ve been wielding a sword today, also, on other issues, but still the same fight. Thank you. – Ellyn Couvillion, Baton Rouge

  2. Summon the light is so strong, every morning I wake up not well but I summon the power of God in my life. I have had no prospectives in my life with this government mismanagement. Very powerful poem, Tom.

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