Poem: Shadows in the Sky

Shadows in the Sky

A few boxes of Christmas decorations in the attic.
Not all of them, maybe four, and the tree in three pieces.
Just enough to say, it is time for a new season,
a simpler one, light and dark, no colors,
shadows of Spring’s flowers, evergreens.

Wind makes them dance, beauty enough
to make the walk up the quarry despite
the exhaustion of healing to see how nature treats the madness –
by ignoring it, confident in spring, eternal spring,
the bringer of flowers, of warmth, and reality beyond your abilities

but not beyond
your faith.

About this poem

Everything has a lesson. Putting up Christmas decorations. A walk in the quarry. Everything.

I look for them because I need them. I suspect I always will.

The picture is from the quarry across the street.


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