Poem: A Brief Interruption

A Brief Interruption

A window.
The afternoon light falls in
and warms the pine floor.

A brief interruption of the darkness.
Not much for some.
Everything to me.

About this poem

When you live with (battle) depression, it is often a matter of brief moments of brightness and happiness in the midst of swaths of darkness. You learn to make the most of those moments. To rejoice in them. Treasure them to your heart. Do enough of it, and the darkness gets pushed back a bit more each time. So, every kind word, every kindness, has far more impact than most people understand.

It is not a coping skill. It is a weapon in the war. And so to each of you who offer me light, I thank you. You are my armorers.



  1. Often the Light we see in others is the Divine’s way of reflecting our own Light back at us. So thank you for the Light you so often bring us here as well.

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