Poem: A Long Walk on the Beach

A Long Walk on the Beach

I spend perhaps, too much time on empty beaches,
walking from nothingness to nothingness,
Eyes fixed inward, the scenery mattering less than the peace.

Brokenness affects each of us differently. This I have learned.
My own has left me in a constant need for tranquility and time
for my slow mind to move from thinking to knowing.

So do not ask me what I saw. What I did. I did nothing.
I let it find me. Heal me, at least for another day. Certain at last
that the few things I know, the very few, are true.

About this poem

The older I become, the less I feel I know. Oh, but those few things! They are rock.



  1. Tom,
    I live less than a mile from the ocean. When I get upset I take a drive along the ocean. I would also use it as my quiet time to pray. My grandmother always commented how the ocean seemed to have a different personality each day. Mostly affected by wind speed and direction. I love watching the community of birds that live along the ocean. Looking at nature has beautiful effect on me. I truly love your photos, art and special words. You are a true blessing! Jim

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