Poem: Leaking God

Leaking God

Sculpture in the jungle.
Buddha and his acolytes,
worn and broken and still striking,
his wisdom leaks through.

You were well trained as a child
to see your God everywhere,
and so you are not intimidated
by the god of others,

but instead see God leaking through
them all.

About this poem

I have never been uncomfortable with different faiths. We often have much in common. I have chosen my Christian faith, not because I was raised in it, but because it sings to my heart and my mind in a way no others do. I do have a tendency to see other faiths as God leaking through them, just he leaks through us oh-so-imperfect Christians.

Some people love me for that view. Some hate the view. No matter.


PS – Believe it or not, the picture was taken at Disney World. They have a section of Animal Kingdom that replicates Eastern temples and culture. I think it may be my favorite place in all of Disney.


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