After the Tease

After the Tease

It has been a few degrees above freezing for two days now.
Slowly the snow begins to melt.
a temporary respite from the monochrome season.

Later, they say, the clouds will part.
The sky will blue. There will be sun.
A few days more, if we are so fortunate,
we will see the ground again.

I am told the jonquils are there, under the snow,
their bright green stalks emergent,
the promise of color.

This is the advantage of age. You have lived
through a plethora of winters
and you know all it’s tricks. but

you also know the season always ends.
The color always returns. After the tease,
there is always satisfaction.

About this poem

This is not the poem I intended to write. The muse has a habit of that, hijacking my intentions. Sometimes I wonder who’s writing these poems, me or…..

The picture was taken at the edge of my little town in Vermont.


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