Poem: Art and Life

Art and Life

It’s all messy.
That’s the first thing you need to know.

And you never know where you are going.
You think you do,
but there are always surprises.

A single brushstroke gone wrong
can mess up the whole thing.
and force you to create something unexpected
just to correct it.

Sometimes the unexpected is better.
Sometimes, you throw out the whole thing.

You need light.
Neither work well in darkness

You choose the palette,
The colors you use,
and that choice affects everything.

You have to start.
You have to know when to stop
before you ruin everything.

And if you do,
you can always start again.

About this poem

I am always taking pictures of my palettes. Don’t ask me why, I just find myself attracted to them as art in themselves. This poem was inspired by one of those photographs.



  1. One of my favorite pieces of accidental art is a paper towel I used for blotting brushes I noticed when I was cleaning up the table after I was done for the day. It has odd lines and colors, all completely random and unintentional. It was too fascinating to throw out. It’s now in a simple frame next to my paint station!

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