Poem: The Jig’s Up.

The Jig’s Up

I could have, should have, died young.
Or too, in middle age,
Or too, not so long ago.

I haven’t dodged a bullet in my life,
I’ve dodged a fuselage.

I wish I could claim credit
for this survival I enjoy so much,
for the joy of time and touch and every day taste
of life.

I wish I could, but I cannot.
I have been saved by others, again and again,
until sooner or later, I got the message.
I am a slow learner.

My life too, matters.
As does yours.
We are all here to save each other. but in the end
we give our survival and all that work purpose,

or not.
The jigs up.

About this poem

Preaching to myself again this morning.

“The Jig’s up.” is a phrase I use often, meaning simply that I have run out of excuses and it’s time to do the work. It’s right up there with my morning “It’s showtime! (regular readers know that one well.) that gets me out of bed each morning.

Have a great day,


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