Poem: The Magic of Tools

The Magic of Tools

Exhibit “A” Boys and Girls,
a selection of tools, random,
and more than a little obscure
but they are all you have.

So they define you,
define your work
and how you do it, a bit oddly perhaps,
because, well, it’s what you have
and you become skilled

at making extraordinary creations
not because you yourself are extraordinary
but because the tools you have
turned your meager skills
into magic.

About this poem

I am a big, big believer that we all have gifts, physical and spiritual. When we learn to live and work within those gifts, amazing things happen and we live in a place of comfort and joy and success. If work against those gifts, we struggle. Success may come, but oh, at such a price and struggle.

The picture was taken at the Hancock Shaker Village. I have no idea what half of them do.


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