Poem: Not Quite Level

Not Quite Level

A summer day. A field.
You can smell the fresh cut hay,
wet with last night’s rain,
drying in the mid day sun,
not yet ready to be baled.

A summer day. A field.
The ground beneath your feet
is not quite level.
Each line of field and mountain
is a little less than straight.

You hold up your camera
and for a moment contemplate
leveling everything out,
nice and even, a perfect landscape.
But in the end, you choose to show
what is there, offness and all.

More true.
More interesting,
if a little less perfect.

About this poem

In today’s world of photoshop, we have the opportunity to make every shot perfect. The same is true of social media and our lives.

How boring is that?

Enjoy my picture of a local field, where I shot the landscape not quite level. And not on purpose.


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