Poem: To, or From

To, or From

You are drifting.
The world drifts around you
while you row,

the work is hard,
harder still without a destination,
uncertain if you are traveling

to, or from.

About this poem

I have been wrestling with this one all morning. As usual when I am wrestling, all I had to do was carve away about 80% of the original to find the real poem.



  1. Tom,
    I love that little sail boat. I had mine at age 7 called “Little Dipper.” Drop your centerboard down and you already have your rudder in place it will help stop the drifting. I used to teach sailing for years for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, I can’t help myself!
    Love you and the Mrs! Jim

    • I am a fan of small sailboats too. I kinda grew up with them. Been years though. Since writing this poem, I’ve had an offer to go sailing next summer. Definitely going to do that!

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