Poem: Why He is God

Why He is God

Certainly I used to believe
there was an explanation for everything.
God’s world, well ordered.

Not any more. Life is layers.
And whenever you believe you have them all,
you find another.
God’s world, different than I thought,
a reminder that no matter what we know,
there is more.
Which is why he is God,
and I am not.

About this poem

That phrase, about why God is God and I am not, is one I use when there are things that are beyond me. Which is often.

The painting is by Fannie Louise Hillman. It is titled “Nocturne” and somehow captures that concept for me.



  1. “Which is why He is God, and I am not.”

    A phrase so often true when dealing with pain in our lives. I wonder why I don’t use it as often when life is good and joy abounds?

    Thanks for the thought inspiring words and sharing Louise Hillman’s art.

    Be blessed, Tom.

    • Like I said, I use it constantly. It seems there are plenty of opportunities to remind myself and others that simple fact, and not just in times of pain. Have a blessed day tomorrow.

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