Poem: Night Journey

Night Journey

It has been there a while.
Bright colors. Light. Hope.
Uncertain things at the other end of the tunnel.

They call to you, even in their uncertainty,
sure that anything that lives in light is better
than the darkness that surrounds you.

So you walk. A bit tenderly,
across floors uncertain, always shifting,
a test of balance and faith,

And the ability you learned many years ago,
to walk in dark places, to walk without sight,
with, if not confidence, at least the appearance of it.

About this poem

Just a pondering kind of poem. About being functional, sometimes incredibly so, when you just aren’t feeling it. Many of us have been there. Many of us are there still. Hang in there friends. Even the night journey has its beauties

The picture was taken at Mass MoCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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