Poem: Cave Man


I feel, all too often, like a caveman,
working with my limited palette and vision
to describe emotions deep, complex, subtle
yet passionate.

Trying to describe

About this poem

I write a lot of love poems. There’s a reason for that. Not just because I am delighted with the woman I love, but because I am continually frustrated at being a wordsmith who never quite finds the right words.

The photograph is from some graffiti way back in the woods along the James River in Richmond, Va.



  1. šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘ŒšŸ‘Œāœ’ I wrote a lot of stories when I was in love … even though I love and absolutely respect my wife … I haven’t written anything in a long time

    • I am in a different place. My wife is my second, a second chance at love. I absolutely understand how passion fades with time, often as love and respect grows. But in my case, with her, it somehow hasn’t. So here I am, still writing love poems.

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