Poem: Dancing to a New Hymn

Dancing to a New Hymn

And suddenly time is compressed
and it is uncomfortably hot
and the old time religion,
complete with fans on the pews,
has more power than you realized
in your oh-so-modern world
and you are constantly distracted
by the girl in the front row
in her polka dot dress
that haunted your dreams the night before.
And then your stomach grumbles
and the woman next to you,
all curves and giggles and distractions
brings you to yourself,
late at night, reminding you
that some distractions are actually healing things
and in your mind, you dance,
a combination of Bojangles and Jagger
to a new hymn.

About this poem

I got nothing on this one. It just kinda blurted out. I ran with it, as curious to see how it would end as any reader.

The picture was taken at a church in Eastern Vermont.


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