Poem: Black and White.

Black and White

The black and white belies the truth of the matter.
Ignores the green below the trees
and above the snow.
Ignores the dark forest green of the pines,
the subtle blues of the bay.

No, black and white often hides
the color. Makes it disappear.
Its own kind of beauty perhaps,
but one that misses the whole.

About this poem

First of all, before you chew me up because you love black and white photos, so do I. I just used this metaphor to make a statement not about photography, but about how often black and white thinking and black and white judgements keep us from seeing the whole story, keep us from compassion.

But you can make it about photography if you want. It’s really not my poem any longer once I write it.

Be well. Travel wisely,


PS: Here’s the same picture in color.

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