Poem: Worshipful Patience

Worshipful Patience

You just
let it
The whirlwind.
The confusion.
The madness.
The angers ancient and new.
Even at times, the love.
All the things beyond you.
All the things more powerful,
you do not defeat,
you outwait.
You let God in all his faces,
do the work for you,
and then you follow the path he has laid,
skipping through the ruins
of all those things that once seemed,
but are not really,

About this poem

I once had someone ask me if I could please, please, just write a poem without a lesson. I probably can’t. There are just too many of them out there for me to learn.

The picture was taken down the road here in West Pawlet, Vermont. Last spring. We’re not that far along here, yet.


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