Poem: Proverbs


There are no straight lines. 
Everything swirls around you, 
a mad dust storm, 

Bit by bit, remove, 
and watch life grow. 

always wins. 

Slow down
and like still water
things become clear.

Hate is wasted. 
Fear is wasted. 
Neither build anything worth having. 

Love works. It is stronger than we believe, 

The center of the universe, too often abandoned
For lesser passions. 

Wait for God. 
His schedule is different than ours, 
and always wiser. 

Everything changes, 
so learn to dance. 
Tango with the one you love most. 

Read. Pray. Think. 
Listen. Understand. 
Only then, speak. 

Nothing is done best. 

About this poem

So, I wrote this poem, and almost threw it out because none of the verses really worked together. And then I realized what they really were: Proverbs. Each little stanza it’s own thing. A collection of shortlings.

Preaching to myself. Again.


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