Poem: Imitation


Today, perhaps, I will write of light things.
Dinners with friends. Cats in the bed.
The last Cosmos in the garden, defiant and wispy.
A good haircut. Better coffee.
The gentle morning light after a night of rain.
A child at the end of the diner, dancing.without music.
Your second chance at love, lying in the bed next to you.

I will write of light things. Bright. Shiny. Precious.
my acting coaches as you go for the Oscar
for “Best Actor Imitating a Normal Person.”
I enjoy them, learn from them,
sing hymns of praise to them who have taught me
how to savor through the darkness
and create my own light.

About this poem

The best actors in the world are the people suffering from anxiety and depression and other such things, living in a normal world. Truely, they should give awards.


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