Poem: A Flash of Purity

A Flash of Purity

Yes the decorations are up.
The house is full of lights and seasonal regalia.
Transformed for the season, made anew
and yet, with all the traditions behind each item,
a history lesson of life.

It is Christmas, with its mix of loss,
scars, struggles, joyful memories,

and fragile new hopes. The decorations ,
markers of all that swirl of emotions.

I will tell you, I wish the feelings were pure.
Hallmark pure. Childhood pure.
I am not scarred or corrupt enough
that I cannot remember purity,
the certainty of it. Joy without limits.

I do remember, and every now and again,
it returns. Only for a moment or a night.
In a kiss. In a perfect starry night.
Alone in holy spaces. A sanctuary,
if only for a moment.

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