In Which I Find I Need an Editor

So, I have a novel. Written and read by enough people who passionately believe it is something people would actually read and buy that I have come to believe it myself. .

So I have been sending it to agents. Because I have a whole series of novels in my head, and while I could self-publish them as I have with my books of essays and poems, I think the traditional route of agents and publishers is what makes sense for this one, and the others that are being written in the background of my life.

So I have been sending it out to agents. Mostly to agents who send them back with no note beyond a polite “We are not taking on this work” kind of note. It’s part of the gig. I’ve not been discouraged. I just repackage it, send it out again. Evidently, that is how it works.

So, I just got a note back from an agent who actually said something. “I think you have something here, but you need an editor. If you get one, send me back the revised manuscript.”

So, I need an editor. I suppose I will spend the New Year learning about editors. But in the meanwhile, if you know someone, or ARE someone who has edited some books along the way, drop me an email, or message and let me know.

Thanks to you all!


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