Poem: Unfurling


Marvin Gaye sings.
People with screens around me.
Coffee steaming in a cup at my table.
It is an in-between time.

Outside, beyond the pier, is a sailboat.
The sails are neatly wrapped around the boom.
It bobs on the morning waves,
an in-between time, waiting

for journies yet to come,
to become what it was made for,
needing, what? An impetus,
An inspiration. A person

to claim it and unfurl the sails,
willing to be less than safe
and move with winds
that were there all the time.

You sip your coffee.
Waiting for the wind.
Feeling it. Feeling something inside

About this poem.

Often we need a nudge. A person. A circumstance, something to push us to move forward. Now and again it comes from within. So, about us. About sailboats.

The picture was taken in Cape Cod, Mass.



  1. I love this poem. I had my own sailboat when I was 8 years old; its name was “Little Dipper.” I have an incredible love for sailing when unfurling the sails and feeling the boat move forward without an engine. It is just you using the wind God provides.
    I love your sharing each day! God bless you for all that you do! Dr. Jim Brown

    • I grew up sailing. Small boats when I was young, until my dad moved to motor boats. Then like you I got my own small sailboat at 14. Kept it till I was 35 when my dad bought a large sailboat from the 50’s. We restored it, and sailed it on the Chesapeake bay for many years. I miss it.

      • I love sailing the Chesapeake bay. There are so many cool places to anchor overnight and enjoy the beauty! Let’s rent a sailboat for a week on the Chesapeake! Dr. Jim Brown

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