Poem: WIthout the Right Words

Without the Right Words

A sigh. So deep it seems to come from your soul.
A sigh, and you cannot tell exactly why,
whether it is sad or satisfied or exhausted.
A release perhaps. Of tension. Of lostness.
A release of the darkness within
or the overwhelming joy that threatens
to burst your chest.

A sigh, mostly missed by those around you
and just as well. How could you explain it
when you do not know yourself?

That is your plight, what is left of the traumas
of childhood and love mislabeled but fully felt,
an ability to feel so deeply you often can not name it,
leaving you like a frustrated child
without the right words, leaving only
the sigh.

About this poem

I tend to sigh. I don’t know why most of the time. Where does that deep need for release come from? For a words guy, not having the right ones is frustrating.



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