Poem: Just Enough Light

Just Enough Light

It is morning and there is just enough light
drifting through the shaded window,
coming from the old desk lamp,
just enough light you do not stumble,
that you can see your love sleeping still
and can begin the rituals that define your morning.

Light has defined you,
the lack of it. The enough.
The courage to find more
when it is not to be found.

Words. Sketches. More words.
Some yours. Some from the God who loves you,
enough to get you out of bed,
out of the house, out of yourself
into a world blinding with light,
some of which, you are blessed to see.

About this poem

Simply a morning poem. An exercise I use often to break into my day. As is often the case, I am rarely preaching to others. I preach to myself.

Mostly, it works.


PS: The photograph was taken at the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, New York,

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