Poem: Ressurection


It is messy work, resurrection,
full of stripping off the rotten parts,
tightening the ribs that have loosened
with time and wear.

There is a deliberateness to it.
Sustained over time.
A few things broken. A few things repaired,
replaced. Rebuilt.

Hard work.
A willingness to admit more is broken
than we like to admit.
A willingness to work,
sometimes bruising work.

One day, resurrection will come.
A personal Easter. Intensely personal.
A dancing over seas, air in our sails.
It will feel like magic, the launching off,
the resurrection moment,
made possible over years
of blood and pain. Such pain.
Ressurection is messy work.

About this poem.

About restoration. About sailing. About Easter. About healing our broken parts. For those of you who are Christian, celebrate Easter in joy. His resurrection predicts our own.

The photograph was taken at Mystic Seaport, CT.


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