Poem: Whether We Know It or Not

Whether We Know It or Not

Dark. Light. A little dance. A fine line between the two.
Friendship and love in a tango, swerving one to the other
with verve and a flamingo guitar blazing
the line with footsteps, no one sure who is leading,
some other power in control, a puppetmaster
or God – you have to look close to know,
and at times, let’s admit it, it is easier to simply dance
than try and understand each step or each note
or the grander themes we are a part of
whether we know it, or not.

About this poem

Life sometimes, seems to have a power of its own. Where does that power come from? Do we choose the power we follow or does it choose us? Life is a mystery, particularly early in the morning. I choose God, but I know he is not the only puppet master. There are many..

Sorry. A bit too philosophical for the early morning.


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