Poem: Dancing on Boats

Dancing on boats.JPG

Dancing on Boats

You were never the best of dancers,
a little ungainly,
full of rhythm,
lacking in style,
but never quite bad enough to draw attention to yourself,
you danced in anonymity
even in crowds.

More often, you dance in defiance
of the demons who plague you,
each move an “in your face” declaration
that their opinions do matter less than the urging
of your bones, muscles, and soul,
made for joy, even at times, a joy you do not feel,

until you dance,
until your body reminds your spirit
what it was made for,
joy, courage, the foolishness to believe
you can dance on boats
and remain dry.

About this poem

A recent day-long seminar I went to had this memorable phrase in it: “Action trumps Anxiety”. It’ s pretty good advice for us folks fighting depression too.

I have a long history of jumping into things I am notably not qualified for, and somehow managing to do quite well. I call this, in my own mind “dancing on boats”. I find it more exhilarating than frightening, which is probably a character flaw or a lack of good sense. But it works for me.

The picture was taken in Venice.


Poem: You Breathe, therefore…


You breathe, therefore….

Talk to me.
tell me your truths,
your dreams,
of places untraveled,
of places that calm your soul
and excite you,
you never believed
could be yours.

It is not too late
to board that ship.
You breathe,
therefore there is time

to walk

where no one has ever walked,
a path yours, ours

It does not matter
how far.
It does not matter how improbable,
or how often you have failed.

None of it matters.
And that is truth.

For life offers all the grace
we need.
All we need is the belief
and to take that first step,
and then another,
and another.

Throw away your clock.
Your calendar.
Your sense of what makes sense.
Dance through your fears.
Laugh at the whole idea
of impossibility.

So begin.
Tell me.
And  let us take that first step in the sand

About this poem

The woman I love and I were talking last night about possible futures, about dreams, about how to spend the years ahead, and all night those ideas and thoughts rattled around in my head. Because once we say something, once we put it out there, it becomes possible. I really believe that.

And it also got me thinking about how God might feel, knowing what we want most in life, but never willing to put it out there, to have the simple courage to say and act as if what we want, we actually want. And how frustrating that must be to a God who loves us and wants the best for us,

And can help.

And from all that, this poem. The picture was taken on Cape Cod, about a year ago. My first trip there.