Poem: Character Flaw


Character Flaw

The temptation.
The tendency
to cause ripples.
To throw the stone high in the air and watch it splash.
To make a noise.
To leave a mark,
particularly indelible,
even, when called for, a scar.
To give the bastards what they deserve
and a bit more.
To shower them all with gasoline
as you light the match
and dance by their flames.

But you have been that soul,
lit on fire and left for dead.
You have nearly drowned in the tsunami
of another’s making,
and so
you are incapable of justice,
unable to give what is deserved
unless it is love.

About this poem

I have always sucked at holding a grudge. And yes, I know spiritually that is a good thing. But dang it, sometimes I want to be the hero of The Count of Monte Cristo.

And I never will be.




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