Poem: Writing Poetry


Writing Poetry

The words
are supposed to be simple,
a whittling away
of every excess,
a carving of anything wasted
or untrue.

It is a painstaking process,
first finding the demons and angels within,
then naming them,
telling their story.

Hard work
for a shy man,
but necessary
to give the struggle meaning.

And so you carve,
You experiment.
You test each word,
and release them,

only to discover they were never yours,
that they will be re-visioned,
hopelessly twisted
as if seen in a carnival mirror,

distorted to serve the soul
who reads it.

About this poem

It doesn’t read like it, but this poem actually began as a protest against the way newsmakers twist each other’s words and actions, changing words with half truths and twisted truths and an utter lack of perspective or kindness, leaving the truth dangling in the wind, an unrecognizable corpse.

The same happens to any of our words when we put them out there. Those that love us make of them one thing. Those that hate us make them another. It’s a strange way to make a living, writing.



  1. That’s kind of the beauty of poetry though, isn’t it? You write a poem with one idea in mind, but it is written in such a way that others can connect to it and associate it with their own specific situations. You’re sharing an emotion that can create an outlet for not only you but many others.

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