Poem: Beyond Religion

strangers garden.JPG

Beyond Religion

And in the stranger’s garden,
amidst statuary foreign, idols of another God,
you still find peace,
breathing in,
breathing out, a cadence
without religion,
deeper than religion,
a place in your soul without name or rules,
an essence that is beyond you
until you cease,

Somewhere, you are sure,
your God nods approvingly, unafraid,
of the truth he has buried deep within you,
that when you find it,
you will find him also.

About this poem

Despite the fact that I am a Methodist minister, I tend towards the mystic vein of faith. I trust, when people seek, when we look deep withing, God is to be found.

All the other stuff? Trappings, teaching, and marketing.

The picture was taken in Provincetown, MA.



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