Poem: On the Destruction of Fences


On the Destruction of Fences

You built the fence.
You remember it well.
The need for a barrier, a wall, a warning
to keep dangerous things at bay,
to keep you safe
and alone.

You remember the work of it,
each hole dug and post sunk,
each nail and spike driven,
an imperfect barrier, you thought at the time,
still full of leaks and gaps for small vermin to tunnel through,
but mostly, it worked;
and worked

too well,
keeping out saviors and sinners alike,
making you formidable, a creature to be feared
instead of loved,
never seen behind your boards,
until you all but disappeared.

but the good news is,
what you have built,
you may destroy,
and what you have prevented,
you may create

About this poem

Normally, I am the one most in my way. How about you?

Placing my bets now.



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