Poem: The First Snow of Spring


The First Snow of Spring

It is the first snow of the season,
an inch, no more, just enough
to remind us we are on the cusp of winter.

The corn stalks poke their dry stubs in crisp rows
like so many soldiers waiting for battle.
The wind blows.

It is not a good day for walking.
The wind is cold and the sun is lost behind the clouds.
The snow has turned to a wintry mix

That portends rain, and if not warmth,
at least, less cold, a slow thawing.
Still, it is bitter.

It is not a good day for walking,
but walk you do,
for life has taught you the beauty of hard seasons,

that even in the cold and bitter, life persists,
and underneath the harsh weather, already
life is preparing itself for spring.

About this poem

One of the good things about aging are the lessons of survival and the understanding that we can survive much more than we believe we can. Spring is often closer than we think.

The picture was taken last winter, not far from here, in West Rupert, Vermont.


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